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To protect, implement and defend the principles for America set forth by our Declaration of Independence, The United State Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers for this great nation.

The Intent of Beaufort Patriots

THIS ENTIRE MOVEMENT IS NON-PARTISAN.  We welcome Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and unaffiliated. 

We are committed to honor, protect, implement and defend the principles  of America set forth by our Declaration of Independence, The United States and North Carolina Constitutions and the intent of our Founding Fathers for this great nation.

The goals for BEAUFORT PATRIOTS  are to:

1.      Educate the public in the principles of Liberty and become a source for truth.

2.      Inform the populace on current dangers attacking our freedoms.

3.      Protect every person's Inalienable Rights.

4.      Promote maximum individual liberty and minimum government interference in citizens' lives. 

5.      Less government intrusion into the lives of Americans. 

6.      Fair taxation with everyone paying their fair share of the bill. 

7.      Create a better understanding of States' rights and the importance of protecting and maintaining those           rights.

8.      To gain an awareness and promote an understanding of our United States Constitution.

9.      To become a source of information to inform voters using facts, data and objective information.

10.  To become a trusted guide and source of information to keep our Nation free.



1.     We are a non-partisan organization.

2.     Not forming a 3rd or another party.

3.     Our goal is to help voters  support candidates that promote correct principles and wish to               serve as Patriot Statesmen for the people and not the party.

4.     The organization is non-profit and is not bound by political party rules.


The most fundamental inalienable American right is embodied in the first three words of our U. S. Constitution..."We the people..."  The government constituted by the document derives all of its power from the people and the people have the inalienable right to change/re-constitute that government and its powers at any time and for any reason the people feel sufficient.

The second most fundamental principle upon which our U. S. Constitution is based in the fact that while it grants certain specific powers to the government it also delineates certain inalienable rights that the government can never legitimately violate. Among these natural rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the rights guaranteed (not granted) by the Bill of Rights.

A third fundamental principle embodied in our U. S. Constitution is that it created a Federalistic system of government in which the power of government is to be shared between the national government and state governments.  Article I, Section 8 enumerates the powers of the Federal government and the Tenth Amendment stipulates that those powers and duties not prescribed to the Federal government are retained by the states or the people.  Thus, a fundamental principle upon which our Federal system of government is based is that the Federal government has limited powers and duties. 

Patriots believe that it is the solemn and sacred duty of every government official to honor, uphold, protect and defend the constitution and the principles upon which it is based.  The courts are the formal entity entrusted with being the determiner of constitutional disputes but Patriots believe every official who takes an oath under the constitution has a sacred public trust to know, understand, and implement the constitution and the principles upon which it is based.  There is no higher public duty.


The Beaufort County Patriots are committed to serving as a fountain of information and a touchstone for government based on constitutional principles.  Our commitment is to honor those principles upon which our constitutional government was founded.  We do not seek to be a political party or to select candidates to run for office.  Rather we seek to support candidates of any party or of no party (independents, unaffiliated) who support the fundamental constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded.  If you believe in and support the U. S. Constitution you are welcome as a Beaufort Patriot.

Our plan is to promote the Patriots at various community events:

1.      Our booth/tent will house some of the following and other information:

1)      Copies of the United States Constitution.

2)      Copies of the North Carolina Constitution.

3)      Declaration of Independence.

4)      Federalist Papers.

5)      Book "Five Thousand-year Leap."

6)      DVD Movie "A More Perfect Union"

7)      Basic information on "Fair Tax"

8)      Palm cards with the 28 Principles of Liberty.

9)      Contact information for the National Committee for       Constitutional Studies (NCCS).

10)  Information on how to contact your representatives.

11)  Other information to help create informed voters.

12)  Available for Home Schoolers, private and public schools as supplies last:

a)       Guides and handbooks for The Declaration of Independence.

b)      Guides and handbooks for the United States Constitution.

c)      28 Principles of Liberty

d)      Movie: "A More Perfect Union."

e)      Several complete courses available from the NCCS.

 2. Paraphernalia:

1)       American Flags

2)      Don't Tread on Me flags.

3)      Other patriotic material as available.


It is our intent to offer most of these materials for sale here on our website.  Please check back often to see what is available that you might be interested in.  We intend to keep the cost to a minimum but any purchases you make will help support the cause.

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