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A Patriots Call

   by Stan Deatherage

    I suppose the real question is: How do we mirror the deeds of the true patriots of the past; our founding fathers, or moreover, how do we do our part to emulate the true patriots of today; our troops in harm's way, and our military keeping us safe here at home?

    Aside from joining the military, to stand shoulder to shoulder with these present day heroes, we could lend them our support and offer them our unequivocal gratitude, but still, it just does not seem to be enough. Maybe if by just attempting to understand how our forefathers intended to keep our nation strong, and moreover, the document that all of our soldiers swear allegiance to defend - The Constitution of the United States - we could continue the foundation of our nation's strength and the platform for its promise.

    But in all real terms, it still just doesn't seem to be enough. I guess the truest answer to this conundrum is, outside of heroically giving one's life for one's nation or one's comrade in arms, there is no true payment for our freedom, other than ceaselessly endeavoring to offer our aid to the continued success of that proposition - our immutable freedom enjoyed by each of us, and the least of us.

    I suppose in attempting to define how we might lend our support to patriotism and patriots, we may subsequently define what a 'Beaufort Patriot' is - or maybe, just maybe, defining what is a 'Beaufort Patriot' is not the nexus of who we, as individuals, are. What is paramount is that we discern how we individually can do our part to keep the promise of freedom sustained, to keep our nation strong - and that strength begins with each of us.

    Strength of passion, strength of love and the strength of the replenishment of hope built upon our individual efforts supporting the collective purpose of our United States, our North Carolina home.

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